New Bridesmaids Shopping Experience!

New Bridesmaids Shopping Experience!

Our new bridesmaids shopping experience & payment service allows our brides and bridesmaids to have the boutique shopping experience with the simplicity and convenience of paying online.

We are thrilled to introduce our online bridesmaids Wishlist and ordering process! After visiting our bridesmaids studio, brides can establish an account with us and create a wishlist of the styles that she is interested in having her maids wear. It’s a nice way for brides to keep organized, and an easy way for bridesmaids to view, select, and pay for their dresses on online!


Here’s how the new bridesmaids shopping experience works:


  1. Create an account with us. 
  2. Choose a designer (please call us at 860.669.4596 if you wish to order/pay for Amsale dresses)
  3. Select the style(s) and color choices for each maid by going to shop bridesmaids(If multiple maids are wearing the same dress, you only have to add it once to the Wishlist
  4. For each style, click add to Wishlist
  5. Once you’ve completed your Wishlist, click the share button to e-mail your bridesmaids your selections.  *Be sure to include the username and password so that they can log into your account. 
  6. Touch-base with our bridesmaid coordinator at to ensure that we have the final list of names of all of your maids and the confirmed styles and colors that they will be wearing. This will help us to ensure that we have all of the maids info prior to placing the order.


  1. Open the shared Wishlist link from the Bride 
  2. Log into the Bride’s account using the provided username and password
  3. Choose the style that you will be wearing and click Select Options to enter size and color 
  4. Fill in your color and size (by using the available designer size charts– please call us if you need assistance)
  5. Pay for your dress in the shopping cart
  6. Fill out the policy form 
  7. Complete shipping form if dresses needs to be shipped (note: the dress ALWAYS comes to us first) 

Please keep in mind – the actual bridal party order will not be placed until we have a signed policy form and payment for all bridesmaids.

New Bridesmaids Shopping Experience!

For bride: 

-Create an account:

-Register & Create Username & password 

-Visit the Shop Bridesmaids page under shop tab & Select the designer(s) you are interested in

*please call us at 860.669.4596 if you wish to order/pay for Amsale dresses*

-Select your style(s) and click “add to wishlist”

-Once Dress(s) are in your Wishlist, just click “share” to e-mail your bridesmaids your dress selections, with Style and Color they are wearing. *Remember to send your account Username & Password to your maids *

*You can always access this wishlist by clicking “Wishlist” under the shop tab out our homepage*

For Bridesmaids: 

-Log into brides account using username & password

-Click The Ordering tab and select bridesmaids ordering to Confirm size with designer size charts 

-Under Shop tab, click on “wishlist” & select the dress you will be wearing by clicking select options 

-Select size and color for dress & add to the cart 

– Once in cart, pay for dress

Don’t Forget to Fill out your policy form with is located in the ordering tab, under “bridesmaids ordering”. If bridesmaids want their dress shipped to them, there is also a convenient online shipping document.

As if that is not the most exciting news you have heard in a while, you can also now purchase fun gift items, like mini emergency kits, SoleMates for you & your maids shoes and owner, Beth Chapman’s first book, The White Dress in color, from the Gifts and Essentials page of our website!

Our goal is always to provide our clients with an exceptional shopping experience.  Now, we hope to make it convenient as well!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo,  TWD