I Just Got Married, How Do I Clean and Preserve My Gown?

Calling all brides! Now is the time to preserve your gown and create a gorgeous heirloom. 

Were you married last weekend or three years ago?  Either way, let us help you protect your investment and clean and preserve your wedding gown.  From October 15th to the 26th, we are offering our pre-wedding gown cleaning and preservation price to ALL brides, regardless of whether your wedding date has passed or if you have purchased your gown with us or not!

Gown Cleaning and Preservation Promotion Price $300
(Originally $375)

Gowns (and veils) can be dropped off any time at the boutique during store hours, between Tuesday, October 15th through Saturday, October 26th.


Have some questions about the gown Cleaning and Preservation Event?

We asked our Instagram followers if they had any, so we recapped them up for you!

Q: Do you need an appointment to drop off?

A: No! Just come on in any time we are open and drop it off!  We do ask though, if you are planning on coming in on a Saturday, to prepay for the gown cleaning and preservation beforehand, since Saturday’s get busy here!  We can process the payment over the phone or send you an invoice!  Our number is 860.669.4596!

Q: What is the turn around time?

A: 6 to 8 weeks!  We will give you a ring right when it comes in!

Q: Do I have to have purchased my gown with you?

A: No! Any gown, purchased at any time or anywhere!  Just bring it on in!

Q: Do you fix any tears rips or stains in the dress?

A: We would have our inhouse seamstress evaluate your gown for any repairs to see what can be done and quote you on how much it would be!  As for stains, they should all come out with the cleaning but if it needs a little extra tlc there would be an extra charge for excessive cleaning.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Normally, gown cleaning and preservation is $375, but during this event we are offering it for the prewedding price of $300!  However, if your gown is a ball gown and will need a larger box it will cost $350!

Q: Can I include my veil?

A: Yes! Your veil can go in the same box as your gown or you can have it preserved in a separate box for $80!


Any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

We hope to see you soon!

xo, TWD