Lula Kate July Summer Sale! 2019



Calling all bridesmaids! Lula Kate is having a Summer July sale!

If you purchase a Lula Kate dress between July 1- 31st you will receive 10% off!

Not too familiar with Lula Kate? Lula Kate is a super creative and customizable brand that allows you to choose any color Shantung or Faille fabric, with any bodice or skirt! Strips and solids, too! So many options to customize the perfect bridal party!

Below are just some of the few options Lula Kate has to offer:

Lula Kate Bridesmaids 1

Left to right bodice: Harper, Lucy, Jacqueline

Skirt: Dahlia Color: Merlot, Shantung

Lula Kate Bridesmaids 2

Left to right bodice: Emily, Susan, Jacqueline

Left to right skirt: Brunch, Dahlia (floor), Dahlia (short)

Colors: Flamingo and Fuchsia in Shantung

Lula Kate Bridesmaids 3

Bodice: Harper, Skirt: Archer

Color: Peony in Shantung

Lula Kate 4

Left to Right Bodice: Kenzie, Abby, Lucy

Skirt: Dahlia (short)

Color: Royal in Shantung, Navy in Shantung, and Ivory in Shantung

Lula Kate 5

Bodice: Madelyn Skirt: Dahlia (short) Color: Cement Shantung


Image: Kat Harris

Beauty: Jennie Fresa

Styling: Beth Chapman Styling

Florist: Hana Floral


More questions about Lula Kate? Ring us at 860.669.4596 or you can even text us at 860.552.2054, and we will answer during business hours.

Come join us for our Lula Kate sale, come in and try them on! Request an appointment here.

We can’t wait to see you!

xoxo, TWD