Marisa’s White Carpet Appointment

We recently opened the boutique on a Sunday to host Marisa and her friends and family for a White Carpet Appointment, a private bridal shopping experience.  Our White Carpet Brides have the entire boutique to themselves for 3 hours.  During that time the bride and her guests sip champagne and enjoy nibbles that have been customized to their appointment.  All of the memories created are captured by a photographer.  We were fortunate to have Take Aim Weddings on hand to snap some great shots of Marisa and her guests!

Marisa arrived for her appointment in style in a white stretch limousine provided by our friends at Hunter Limousine.  They even rolled out a White Carpet for her to fully embrace the theme (which of course, we LOVE!) Marisa’s Mom Donna made arrangements to have a custom denim jacket from The Denim Blonde waiting for Marisa at her appointment. As you can she, she adored the gift and rocked that jacket!

We loved providing Marisa with the celebrity treatment that she deserves!  We are honored that she took advantage of our White Carpet Appointment experience!

The White Dress by the shore front of store

The White Dress by the shore and limo out front

Marisa Hunter in Limo

Marisa Hunter coming out of the LimoWelcome to The White Dress by the shore Marisa HunterMarisa Hunter looking through the gowns on the rackFlower Arrangements in The White Dress by the shoreMimosas in The White Dress by the shoreBridesmaids AskCallan helping Marisa into her first gownMarisa Hunter in a gown at The White Dress by the shoreShe said yes to the dress!The Blonde Denim jacket for Marisa HunterThe Bridal Party outside of The White Dress by the shoreBride Tribe at the White Carpet AppointmentThe White Dress by the shore sign and Marisa Hunter